YouTube gets two new features introduced

YouTube gets two new features introduced

YouTube is a live streaming service that the people just cannot stop getting their hands off from. All around the world, the users are always on a lookout for an enhanced version for the video streaming purpose. Thus, currently, YouTube has taken up the decision of revamping its service. The changes are being made to attract more crowd in order to get glued to the live video streaming service in the coming years.

YouTube Live will now have a new ultra low-latency feature added to its app so as to make it possible for the users to directly interact with the audiences in real-time. There will also be an addition of a new chat moderation tools to the service. The company has made the YouTube app accessible for the Apple’s ReplayKit framework and also all the iOS users will now have the permission to live stream through additional apps from the devices.

Let’s sneak peek into the ultra low-latency feature first. The new feature will make streaming the videos within a few seconds of latency. In short, it means, the users can answer the fan questions and get the viewers input faster than expected. The new feature doesn’t require any encoders or special software to function. It is easy to set up and use as well. And now comes another feature, the chat moderation tools that are added to let the users pause the chat feed whenever required by just pressing the Alt button present on the keyboard.


There is an option for the users to go through the messages for removing or approving the chat messages by just a single click. The users can also hire a moderator for their live chat message removal or approval. Additionally, the inappropriate messages can be put on hold so that the company’s system can identify and either take the necessary step, hide, or approve it. There is also a choice of blocking the phrases or certain words the user wishes to do so.

The ability of streaming live from more apps was present in the Apple’s ReplayKit earlier but now this attribute has been introduced in the focal YouTube app as well. The apps that have been taken care of by ReplayKit can now be streamed live by the iOS users.

The phone’s microphone and front camera can be used to add audio or video to the live streaming service. Thus, YouTube is surely going to make the experience of the users unforgettable.

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