Virat Kohli Doesn’t Agree With Coach Ravi Shastri on SA Tour

Virat Kohli Doesn’t Agree With Coach Ravi Shastri on SA Tour

Virat Kohli contradicts coach Ravi Shastri’ claim that the tea has come under prepared to the South Africa tour.

Virat Kohli was upfront in saying that losing one test series does not mean that the Indian team had come u dear prepared against the Proteas. He said that the team had complete 5 days to practice while just a single day was spent traveling.

Just before this Indian coach Ravi Shastri has pointed out that the team should arrive at least 10 days before any tournament which takes place overseas to get complete practice. Meanwhile India has already lost couple of tests; one by 72 runs and the other by 135 runs. These two tests took place at Cape Town and Centurion respectively.

Before the start of the third test on Wednesday, the Indian captain said that he does not want to blame external factors like late reaching to the destination as cause of the dual loses; he rather accused themselves of missing situations, catches and other technical mistakes which the team committed on the field. At present the score for the ongoing test series between India and South Africa stands at 0-2.

Kohli said everyone in the team need to take shares of the loss and that he as a captain is learning to handle such situations on regular basis. When specifically asked about the Indian batsmen who could not perform up to the mark in the first two series, Virat said that winning a match is teamwork. While the under performers not only need to improve their skills, they also need to change their body language as per the situation.

The skipper went on to say that as the geographical factors are different at South Africa, the team is trying to match themselves as per the same and they are looking for a big win in the next test.

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