Tesla Power Bank Hits The Market Shelves

Tesla Power Bank Hits The Market Shelves

The US-located electric car producer, Tesla, has ventured into a new item segment. The firm has rolled out a portable charger just dubbed as the Power Bank. The charger bears an outline analogous to that of the supercharger monument of the company at the Tesla Design Studio.

The device is listed on the website of the company at $45 and operates for both iOS and Android devices as it has both Apple Lightning and Micro-USB detachable connections. It has a single 18650 cell worth a capacity of 3350mAh. It also has a charge status indicator. It has dimensions of 108 mm x 30.5 mm x 23.3 mm. The listing states that the Power Bank has high efficiency circuitry with a compressed design to deliver maximum capacity of the battery.

Lately, Tesla claimed that it is discussing with the municipal government of Shanghai to set up a plant in the area and anticipates to decide on a strategy by the end of 2017. China charges a 25% tax on trades of imported cars and has not permitted overseas automakers to set up wholly possessed plants in the nation, the largest automaker in the world. Those are issues for Tesla, which needs to extend its attendance in developing electric vehicle market of China without negotiating its intellectual property or independence.

In addition to this, Tesla was in talks with the Indian Government to make an entry in India via the sole-brand trade route. This arrives with various riders comprising compulsory sourcing of almost 30% of the worth of products traded in the nation. The firm has claimed to the government in a memo showing interest in making an entry in the market via the sole-brand trade window, claimed the sources to the media in an interview. The development arrives months after Musk had posted about the elevated sourcing requirements and import duty.

Also, the company has fired hundreds of employees including managers, engineers, and factory employees this week. As per a media news report, the firing follows at a time when the firm is grappling to extend its product and manufacturing line.

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