Shashi Tharoor Humor Hits Twitter With Air India Posters

Shashi Tharoor Humor Hits Twitter With Air India Posters

Shashi Tharoor, the Indian politician, after getting trolled by twitterites for a witty tweet on the current Miss World, Manushi Chillar, continues to hit Twitter with another witty post on Air India.

People on social media platforms can unexpectedly get offended, even for healthy humor. According to Shashi Tharoor, it’s unbelievable to witness the changing trends of India with lamenting the absence of humor. Twitter has been the most influential social media platform with celebs, politicians and everyone else with swift replies on tweets. Though Shashi has always managed to impress the influencers with his quirky tweets and ability to wit, but this has also made him face trolls or troubles due to lack of humor in the nation.

The 61-year-old and Member of Parliament, Shashi’s recent tweet for Miss India Manushi Chillar wasn’t digestible by the twitterites and he had to publically ask for an apology. Though Manushi’s response to the post showed great acceptance of the humor while making Tharoor feel at ease and getting re-tweet as “class act”. His comeback twitter post on Air India with its two old posters explains that there was a time where the nation had a great acceptance of humor.

Amongst the two posters, one had the brand name Air India mentioned in it as “There is an Air about India” and the other one had a quirky sketch of crew members from the brand where there was a woman being welcomed on board with text which says, “Foolishly Yours”. Tharoor’s only focus on sharing these posters was to make the nation realize that there was an existence of humor in the olden times while in the present, it has become intolerable due to lack of understanding.

This was just one incidence where unfortunately Shashi Tharoor got involved due to his witty words. In the past, there have been celebs and other prominent personalities who got trolled on twitter due to lack of humor absence. India needs to be actively participating with healthy humor rather being offensive.

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