Rajini And Kamal Hassan Share The Stage Again In Chennai

Rajini And Kamal Hassan Share The Stage Again In Chennai

Super legends get into politics- RajiniKanth and Kamal Hassan take their first steps into politics.

The great legends of Tamil Nadu or of Tamil movies, RajiniKanth and Kamal Hassan shared the stage in Chennai to declare their entry into politics. While people are speculating that these two movie tycoons will join hands in this area as well, RajiniKanth did not dismiss the chances and left the decision to future. Kamal Hassan did not lose a moment to support RajiniKanth on this matter.

Coincidentally both these super stars have recently shown interest in politics; with just a few weeks of gap. Both their aims have been to improve the stand of the government to social and economic issues of the state. While Kamal Hassan has been protesting against the ruling method of AIADMK for a long time now, he recently shocked the government by taking out a rally against corruption going on in the state.

On the other hand, RajiniKanth surprised everyone by launching his own political party instead of joining any of the existing ones. Kamal Hassan also announced his decision to form a new party on February 21 last year but he is yet to give a name to his party. Both the starts were seen congratulating each other on Twitter on the political decisions they have taken, and today, they were seen to share the stage together as political leaders.

RajiniKanth, aged 67 had remarked that politicians are showcasing themselves as laughing stock after there were divisions within AIADMK when the then Chief Minister Jayalalitha died. Now it is to be seen how people accept Rajini (Also known as Thalaiva in Tamil Nadu) and Kamal Hassan as politicians. Will they be able to retain their filmy success in the field of politics or not is a question which only future can answer.

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