Railways To Consider Discount Offer On Advance Ticket Booking

Railways To Consider Discount Offer On Advance Ticket Booking

Railway comes up with discount schemes for advanced ticket bookings.

Railway Board Fare Review Committee can have some good news for the travelers in next few days. They have some recommendations to make railway fares cheaper for the passengers.

As per the Railway Board Fare Review Committee, they have submitted a report earlier this week according to which passengers will be able to get discounts depending on the number of seats available on the train or as per the grades.

The recommendations are in line with the present discounting process for airlines. All the airlines offer heavy discounts to travelers who book their tickets in advance. Railways will also offer the same and the discount rate can range from 20% to 50% based on the number of available seats at the time of booking.

The Railway Committee Panel will also offer discounts to passengers even after the charts are made. The discounts will be offered in slots, like two days in advance to two hours prior to the departure of the train.

Besides reducing the fares, there is also a recommendation to increase price in some cases. Like in aircraft, people need to pay more for front seats, in trains people will have to pay more for lower berths. This recommendation comes with exceptions like passengers with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women will be offered lower berths free of cost as it is done now.

Also the fares of the train which reach the destination at convenient timings, like early mornings or afternoon will be charged more than the trains at odd hours, like at mid night, the off hour timings have been chosen as 0000 am and 0400 am, 1300 pm and 1700 pm.

But as per sources there will be some changes made to these recommendations by the Railway Board before implementation. Some of the fare differentials will also be left to the zonal boards to decide.

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