Prynt Now Converts Android Handsets Into Polaroid Cameras

Prynt Now Converts Android Handsets Into Polaroid Cameras

Prynt back in 2015 rolled out its first add-on modular unit developed to turn your handset into something similar to a Polaroid instantaneous camera. The initial design was a tad bit bulky and the firm rapidly followed up with the Prynt Pocket. Prynt Pocket is a stylish new version that was less than 50% of the size of the first version. Originally only provided for the Apple handsets, the Prynt Pocket for Android has now been designed.

We evaluated the iPhone version of the Prynt Pocket a few months back and discovered it to be a pretty clever little device that does precisely what it claims on the box. The Android version appears largely the same to the iPhone iteration, with both permitting handsets to dock straightly into the unit.

One possible hitch for some of them is the fact that the firm has continued with a USB Type C connection. Whilst this assists future-proof the handset moving forward, it also indicates that the majority of users with anything less than a premium present Android handset will be left a little aggravated. On the other hand, the larger, older, and original model still operates for other Android handsets, so all is not lost.

Similar to the other handsets, the Prynt Pocket for Android utilizes sticker paper and can print almost 20 pics each charge. Since the device utilizes ink-free ZINK thermal printing tech, you have to utilize the company’s proprietary printing paper. It is a gently frustrating restriction, but almost certainly no more annoying than if the gadget had integrated a particularly designed developed ink system.

One of the more novel aspects of the Prynt is its integration of AR (augmented reality). Utilizing the app of the system, you just make a short clip from which a still pic is created and printed. When the printed pic is then seen via the app it comes alive with the running clip. It is a fun function that will almost certainly be funny to try once and then be quickly turned into an ancient history.

The Prynt Pocket is presently being rolled out via Kickstarter with an early bird cost of US$119.

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