Priyanka Raina Takes A Firm Stand For Women

Priyanka Raina Takes A Firm Stand For Women

Priyanka the founder and entrepreneur of “Gracia Raina Foundation” that dedicatedly provide support to children and mothers who suffer physically and mentally.

Suresh Raina the Indian cricketer’s wife Priyanka Raina has started a Radio show for women specifically to spread awareness on creating a safer place as a society for women. Commenting on her recent radio chat show, she mentions that the show not only listens or talks to the sufferers but also encourages people who have come forward and taken an initiative to change the scenario. She further explains that in our society there are women and organizations that have set a par of excellence.

Mrs Raina further explains that changes are noticeable but there is still a long way to go. With her brilliant radio show, The Priyanka Raina Show, which is broadcasted on 93.5 Red FM is trying to make women feel stronger while educating on the importance of a safer place for women. The show focuses on social topics like acid attack, menstrual hygiene, and domestic violence, and gender equality, girl child education while also encouraging the women empowerment by talking to the females who stabbed the taboos of society and created their own paths.

In the month of May 2017, the star couple Mr and Mrs Raina founded Gracia foundation, which was registered after their daughter Gracia and was entirely committed to taking care of women, mothers and children who not only were the victims of physical abuse but also dealt with mental problems. Commenting on these issues, she states that the society has started noticing people who are working to make society a better place for women but not necessarily that they have a firm or an NGO.

Commenting on whether she is scared of raising her daughter in such cruel situation, Priyanka mentions that as parents they are very much worried about the creating a safer atmosphere for their daughter, regardless to it being India or otherwise. She further says that it is their top-most priority to raise their daughter with utmost care.

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