Now Auto Rickshaw Service From Uber

Now Auto Rickshaw Service From Uber

Uber, the cab sharing MNC, is again re-launching its auto rickshaw service in India, almost after two years after it had shutdown the offering in March 2016. It is again starting the service from Bengaluru and Pune. The US-based company, which is into an intense battle with the domestic firm Ola, will also allow customers to book auto rickshaw service through auto option on its app platform later in January in these two cities.

Ola, which also allows booking auto rickshaw rides under auto rickshaw service, had also launched their offering more than three years ago in 2014 from Bengaluru and Chennai. An Uber spokesperson stated that the company had stopped the service just to watch how that side of India’s transport ecosystem evolves. For Uber, India is one of the largest markets where it has seen very strong growth. SoftBank, Japanese conglomerate, which is an investor in Ola, has of late investing over $1 billion in the US-based ride sharing platform.

According to Uber spokesperson, auto rickshaws are universal for mobility options in countless Indian cities and to expand transportation choices for the travelers, the company is excited to launch auto service in Bengaluru and Pune. In its earlier attempt, Uber’s auto service was available in New Delhi, Coimbatore, Indore and Bhubaneshwar and now they are re launching auto service starting with the two new cities.

The official further said that if the auto service becomes successful in Pune and Bengaluru, then Uber is projected to roll out the auto service in other cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. The gradual geographical expansion is common for the company in cities around the world and this is something that they are looking at very closely .Ola is functional with its auto service across 73 cities with over 1.2 lakh autos.

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