Not Shooting Messenger Responds Aadhaar Authority

Not Shooting Messenger Responds Aadhaar Authority

In defense of the criticism encountered by it on account of filing a case against a journalist who revealed how access to the Aadhaar database was illegally available, the UIDAI, the central authority that supervises the Aadhaar project, has made a statement saying that a crime was committed which led to the case being filed.

The UIDAI, or the Unique Identification Authority of India, is being seen by the media as an authority that is “targeting the media or whistleblowers or ‘shooting the messenger’,” something which it blatantly denied. It said that the reporter’s name was mentioned in context while narrating the series of events that took place to the police. It must also be noted that the UIDAI did not implicate anyone in the report of being guilty and referenced a Supreme Court verdict which said that the innocence or guilt can only be established after the police and the courts are done with their job.

UIDAI’s statement also suggested that it fully respects the Freedom of Speech, which includes the Freedom of Press and Media. It said that it only did its job in reporting the crime, which was committed and was required to provide every detail they were aware of concerning the incident along with the names of the people involved in the FIR complaint for the benefit of the police or any other investigating body. It, however, does not imply that the people whose names have been mentioned in the FIR are guilty. That can only be proven by the judicial system in accordance with the law.

An excerpt from the statement said that sting operations such as this have not been recognized as absolute principles of crime detection and are yet to be accepted by the law and just because they were conducted in public interest does not mean that anyone who might have crossed the line in performing them will be not be reprimanded for such actions.

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