Message, Pay And Read News On Hike Without Internet

Message, Pay And Read News On Hike Without Internet

‘Message, pay and read news on Hike without Internet’; that’s what the Hike Total experience is all about. Offering a simplified way for getting online, Hike Total has used the Android Nougat version, made changes to the Telephony layer and to other aspects of its operating system and delivered a customized version which allows you access to news, horoscope, cricket, rail info, messaging and wallet. The latter two belong solely to Hike app. Free; unlimited usage is available which however, comes with a limited experience for some services such as messaging. For availing an enhanced experience, users will be prompted to purchase a data pack.

Customized Androids which have Hike Total preloaded in them can be purchased from Indian smartphone manufacturers; three budget offerings from Intex and one from Karbonn. The smartphones priced for Rs 3000 and above will be available in the market from March 1.

Smart use of certain set of USSD codes by the company has let users enjoy benefits of Hike services in the absence of an Internet connection. Usage of Universal Transfer Protocol (UTP) has contributed to the security and efficiency of USSD based communication according to Kavin Mittal, Hike’s CEO.

The ease of payment and affordability of data packs (which start with a lowly Re1) will be prime reasons prompting majority of users to buy data packs to get an enhanced user experience. Data up-sell will be the basic selling point for telecos, which at present are limited to Airtel, Bharati, BSNL and Aircel. For Hike Total, the data pack sale commissions and an increase in its competitive standing will be the two motivating factors. Payment towards data packs can be made from Hike Wallet with a free cash bounty of Rs 200 being offered by the company to users completing KYC process.

Hike Total is offered in eight languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Bangla.

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