The making of manikarnika: Kangana Flaunts her Injury

The making of manikarnika: Kangana Flaunts her Injury

The gorgeous and intelligent Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut, was spotted flaunting her plastered leg injury at the airport. She accidentally sprained her leg while shooting for an action sequence in the making of her upcoming film, Manikarnika.

While playing the role of a brave queen in the history of royal women, Rani of Jhansi Lakshmibai, Kangana fearlessly attempts the vigorous stunts all by herself. This was the last and the toughest of the stunts in the film.

The shoot was planned at Mehrangarh Fort, where Kangana had to jump-off from the 40-feet wall of the fort with her child in the film, tied on her back. While taking the leap-of-faith jump, the actress in the attempt of saving the child, got her leg sprained and injured.

She was taken to a private hospital, Goyla hospital, in Jodhpur immediately after the incident. However, the concerned doctor informed about the well-being of the actress and that it’s just a sprain and not a fracture. Although, she got bruised with a sword on her forehead earlier while practicing other sword-fighting scenes with her co-actor Nihar Pandya, she never gave up.

Kangana boldly confronts tons of allegations and frivolously handles social media trolls, giving back to back hit films to the Bollywood industry and entertains the audience to the fullest. For Kangana, the trolls seem to complement her upfront and honest attitude. With such gracious appearance, the actress looks absolutely stunning in the role of Lakshmibai in her upcoming Indian epic biopic.

The shoot still continues with other action sequences where the presence of the actress is not required, in order to wrap the shoot and meet the set deadline. Manikarnika likewise includes TV on-screen character Ankita Lokhande cast as Jhalkari Bai, a lady fighter in queen of Jhansi Laxmibai’s armed force who battled as her physique two-fold against the British. Ms. Lokhande will be seen inverse Bajirao Mastani on-screen character Vaibhav Tatwawaad. It will hit the auditoriums on April 27, 2018.

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