The Latest Feature Of Snapchat Converts Its Filters And Lenses Into Shopping Cars

The Latest Feature Of Snapchat Converts Its Filters And Lenses Into Shopping Cars

Augmented reality-fueled filters and lenses of Snapchat might be a couple of the most creative ad items out there, but advertisers have long mourned not being capable of driving profits by using them on their investment. That is set to alter, with Snapchat launching out Context Cards for its sponsored filters and lenses.

Starting this week, advertisers can include Context Cards to their filters and lenses for free, offering consumers more data about the filters and lenses they play with. Consumers can swipe up on snap of any friend that comprises a sponsored filter or lens and open up the URL of the linked website without exiting Snapchat.

But more significantly, Context Cards allow advertisers straightly track their return on investment (ROI). Up till now, advertisers might use sponsored filters and lenses to trace engagement—the number of users for how long they played with the sponsored filters and lenses. But now, they will be capable of quantifying whether those lenses and filters actually drove output, such as a click or a purchase on a website.

What are context cards?

Context Cards for filters and lenses fundamentally turn Snapchat into a shopping car and a spot where companies can straightly trace ROI. A film studio that operates a lens for a next film, for instance, might add a Context Card that connects to a site trading tickets for the movie. Or a makeup brand might run a filter advertizing a new lipstick, and then connect to a site where consumers who click the Context Card might receive a coupon with discount and buy it.

Lionsgate, the entertainment company, is the first company to operate a Context Card next to a lens. The firm is connecting a Context Card to a lens it is operating this week for its next film “Wonder,” which starts this week. The lens rejoices “World Kindness Day,” and if consumers swipe up on the Context Card, it directs them to a URL where they can put in their location, purchase tickets, and view screening times. It is the 12th lens that Lionsgate has operated so far on Snapchat.

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