Kejriwal Vs. Kumar Vishvas To Get Murkier

Kejriwal Vs. Kumar Vishvas To Get Murkier

The poet turned politician of the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP, Dr Kumar Vishwas appears to have hit the end of his political role in the party, as Arvind Kejriwal is not responding to even his messages requesting for a meeting referring to their twelve-yearlong association amongst them. Vishwas’ serial messages and phone calls have been stubbornly ignored by Arvind Kejriwal for nearly a month now.

The conflict is over the three Rajya Sabha seats that the AAP party is entitled to and it has exposed the prevalent ugly infighting of the party. Vishwas actually first went public in an interview for NDTV and claimed one seat for himself. Now, Kejriwal felt that Kumar Vishwas who along with him and Manish Sisodia founded the AAP party, tried to plot a takeover against him, but he is unshaken even with Vishwas getting his supporters at the AAP office, challenging the party to honor their request. Kumar Vishwas also felt that he has been let down by his friends who themselves have accumulated lofty offices.

To make sure that Vishwas was outwitted, Arvind Kejriwal offered the three Rajya Sabha seats to several eminent personalities, but without any luck. One of those who rejected the offer told the journalist that on the condition of anonymity he felt he could not risk his reputation on the eccentric politics of AAP.

According to media reports, the split between Vishwas and Kejriwal began over nationalist issues when he openly rebuked Kejriwal for questioning the operating strikes against Pakistan and for rooting for the Khalistani elements during the Punjab election. He was asked to back off and told not to campaign in Punjab and blames Kejriwal for his fall from grace. He told the media that Kejriwal was threatened by him and his popularity among the public and workers.

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