Kangana Ranaut Speaks About Her “Love Story” on KJo Show

Kangana Ranaut Speaks About Her “Love Story” on KJo Show

The Queen actress appeared on Karan Johar’s new show India’s Next Superstar. One would normally expect the topic of nepotism to come up when Kangana Ranaut is appearing on a show. However, she discussed her so called “love story” at the show. This love story made quite a buzz last year! As per reports from Indian Express, the unnamed romance between Kangana and Bollywood’s Greek God looking Hrithik Roshan made headlines in the media and this is what Kangana brought up in the show while stating that their ”love story” was published in every newspaper.

Kangana Ranaut does not look like she has aged at all. Yet she has crossed the border of 30 and she recited a poem that she once wrote while being in love. She mentioned about her love quite openly while promoting Simran in 2017.

Among the most discussed news of all time, the legal notices exchanged by Kangana and Hrithik led to an ugly squat and the Simran actress demanded apology from the Roshans. However, the Roshan father responded to her by accusing her of sending those emails and stalking the Kaho Na Pyar Hai actor, which Kangana accused Hrithik of sending to her! However, Kangana denied having written any of those emails stating that she would never write such a “crap”.

Reports claim that both of them started dating while shooting for Krish 3, while Hrithik was still married but his marriage was at stake! When Kangana realized that the Krish 3 actor had no intentions of breaking up with Suzaine, she wanted to end up. Later on, divorce news of Hrithik and Suzaine made headlines. Well, we don’t know if Kangana is the reason why the Mohenjodaro starrer had filed a divorce. After filing the divorce, both of them started dating again, until 2014, when something didn’t work out between them and ugly legal spats took over!

However, Hrithik has firmly denied of being in any relationship with Kangana!

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