Judge Loya’s Case Heard At The Apex Court—The Happenings

Judge Loya’s Case Heard At The Apex Court—The Happenings

The debatable case of Justice Loya was presented at the apex court today. This case was one of the main triggers used by four Supreme Court judges, namely, Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, MB Lokur and Kurian Joseph in their allegation against the Chief Justice of Supreme country regarding assignment of cases.

Supreme Court described this to be a very serious matter and asked for all the documents to be presented to the court so that a fair conclusion can be reached regarding the case. In pursuit of giving a fair judgment two related cases from Bombay High Court have been transferred to the Supreme Court.

The day did not go simple for Chief Justice Dipak Misra as he lost his temper during the session. Lawyers were also a little imbalanced during the proceedings and two lawyers were found to have a heated discussion, while another had to apologize for his unprofessional behavior at the court.

Justice Loya’s case is considered controversial as he lost his life due to heart attack in 2014 when he was judging a murder case; the case was related to the murder and the accused was BJP President Amit Shah. Justice Loya died during a wedding at Nagpur. After his death, the case was taken over another judge who did not delay in dismissing the case and giving a clean chit to the political leader; he was released stating that there was not enough evidence to proceed the trail.

There were couple of petitions raised to investigate the case of the sudden death of the 48 year old judge. But his fellow judges who at present are serving at the Bombay high court and Loya’s son consider that there has been no foul play and the justice’s death is being used as a political weapon.

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