Israel Changes Law To Make It Harder To Cede Jerusalem Control

Israel Changes Law To Make It Harder To Cede Jerusalem Control

Conversation between the Palestinians and the Israel Government seems like a long shot after the latter passed an amendment in the Parliament. This would make it very difficult for them to surrender control of some parts of Jerusalem in any peace negotiations with the Palestinians, who have criticized this measure which gives the signal that the conflict over statehood is unlikely to be resolved.

The ratification, which was backed by the far-right Jewish Home coalition party, makes it tough for the Assembly to agree to any proposal to give over any part of the city to “a foreign party” as the number of votes required for such an approval was raised to 80 from 61 in the 120-seat Knesset.

This was adding fuel to fire after the U.S. President Donald Trump stated on December 6 that U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This sparked anger among the Palestinians, the leaders of the Middle-East and noted world powers and eliminated the possibility of the White House Being a negotiating force for peace in the minds of the Palestinians.

Being a religious abode to Muslims, Palestinians and Christians, Jerusalem’s place from a religious standpoint continues to be a dispute between the Palestinians and the Israeli Government for decades and the recent steps by the Government of both Israel and the U.S. has put a major roadblock on the political front. Any progress from here on looks highly unlikely.

The leaders of the political parties also have conflicting views on the matter. While the one in power stated, on Twitter, that the move will prevent the division of the capital, the opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, was of the view that the legislation might lead the country to catastrophe.

What makes matters worse is the fact that Netanyahu, of the Likud party, is under investigation in two cases facing charges of corruption and this might lead to an early election as coalition partners in his government might create a ruckus, thereby prompting an early election.