Flashback Of Crime For North Korean Agent That Killed 115

Flashback Of Crime For North Korean Agent That Killed 115

Kim Hyon-hui returns to news after 30 years of the dreadful incident of downing a jet liner

North Korean agent Kim Hyon-hui came into news after a long time span. 30 years back this agent was involved in the plan of killing 115 people. This pathetic incident took place just before the Olympics which took place at North Korea.

Kim, notorious for her crime and bloodshed which occurred due to her now tries to keep her life separated from the incident. She at present prefers to spend a quiet life at South Korea and has gone a long way to transform her life. Kim led a marital life and also is the mother of two. Relaxation trips like short hikes, vacations with family and other normal day activities have been her life for past 30 years.

But her 30 years of peace is disturbed with the recent preparations of Winter Olympics at South Korea. When the last Olympics took place at the country, Kim used to work as a North Korean agent. As a high level North Korean agent Kim was given the responsibility to blow a flight. She boarded on a South Korean flight and installed a bomb over the trash bin of the carrier. She came down from the flight during the layover and after some time the timer bomb exploded.

Kim was eventually arrested for the crime and was accused of trying to damage the Summer Olympics which was supposed to take place at Seoul, South Korea. Later she was forgiven and released by the South Korean government.

Now Kim says though the memories came back with the sight of Olympics preparations yet she is excited to watch the event on the television.

People are also eager to see how the enemy country, North Korea reacts to this huge event on the soil of South Korea.

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