Arkis CerebroFlo drainage catheter for cerebrospinal fluid cleared by FDA

Arkis CerebroFlo drainage catheter for cerebrospinal fluid cleared by FDA

A top modernizer in minimally invasive surgical instrumentation, Arkis BioSciences, has received FDA approval for, CerebroFlo™, its innovative external ventricular drainage catheter. As per the CEO of Arkis BioSciences, Chad Seaver, the innovative catheter will be employed for introduction of cerebrospinal fluid for external drainage into a ventricular cavity of the brain in patients with increased intraventricular hemorrhage, intracranial strain, or hydrocephalic shunt infections.

“Arkis’ CerebroFlo catheter is the only neuro catheter to slot in Endexo®, an enduring polymer stabilizer whose characteristic have been displayed to lower protein activation and adhesion in vitro studies in laboratory,” claimed Seaver. “The Endexo formulation of catheter has characteristics that may result in lowered complications such as catheter infection and occlusion.”

Seaver claims that Arkis aims to roll out the device in the U.S. market at the forthcoming yearly Congress of Neurological Surgeons, which will be conducted in Boston, MA next week, and aims for worldwide distribution starting from 2018. “The approval of CerebroFlo symbols an extension of surgical range of Arkis, expanding our reach into neurocritical care,” claimed Seaver to the media in an interview. “The new CerebroFlo catheter of Arkis is aimed to disturb the global market for neuro catheter with its Endexo tech.”


Seaver clarifies that Endexo is a catheter tech wholly licensed by Interface Biologics, Inc. to Arkis for applications of neurological cerebrospinal fluid. Clinical surveys of other catheters integrating Endexo have displayed patient advantages including fewer infections, markedly reduced obstructions, and general lower treatment prices. “The in vitro studies of Arkis have showcased 99% less biomatter accumulation onto catheter surfaces of CerebroFlo, which may lower fouling,” claimed Seaver. “Additionally in vitro surveys are ongoing to characterize the ability of CerebroFlo to avoid formations of infectious biofilm without the utilization of eluting antibiotic drugs.”

“Given the untimely success we have witnessed with our innovative tunneling guidewire range, I am excited to now roll out this new neuro catheter to prospective and current customers,” claimed Director of Sales at Arkis, Ryan Gray, to the media in an interview. “Present ventricular catheters are specifically problematic owing to obstructions and Endexo has the capability to make an extraordinary change to patients.” Arkis BioSciences® is a top provider and innovator of minimally invasive catheters and surgical instrumentation for general-, neuro-, and plastic-surgeries. The tunneling guidewire range of instrumentation of company and its Single Pass proprietary workflow probably allows less traumatic and less invasive procedures.

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