AAP Washes Its Dirty Linen In Public

AAP Washes Its Dirty Linen In Public

In an explanation on why the Aam Aadmi Party had not nominated Dr. Kumar Vishwas for one of the 3 Rajya Sabha seats, senior AAP leader and Delhi Minister Mr Gopal Rai accused him of being the mastermind behind the plan to disintegrate the party and bring down the government in the nation’s capital having Arvind Kejriwal at its helm. Mr Rai further went on to say that providing him with such an opportunity would only result in him “finishing off the party”.

The revelation was made by the minister at a Facebook live session with other party volunteers as part of an explanation for nominating complete newbies in the party for the seats, with one of them being brought in from the Congress against someone like the veteran Hindi poet. This was also a move to gain support from volunteers for the party when the Chief Minister was being questioned from all corners on his selection of candidates, with some of them being asked by the Party’s well-wishers.

However, it’s not the first instance of the renowned poet had fingers pointed at him for betraying his party’s leadership, especially the Chief Minister. Silent talks of him being given rewards by the BJP to go against the CM have been doing the rounds for many days now.

Amanatullah Khan, the Okhla legislator, was the last person to hold Mr Vishwas for such deeds publicly, which eventually led to him being suspended in order to arrange a pact between the party’s co-founders, Mr Kejriwal and Mr Vishwas and led to the latter being put at the helm of the party’s campaign in Rajasthan though Khan was later accommodated in the Delhi assembly panels, raising a few eyebrows. It’s amazing that the same statement is being unanimously made by everyone in the party led to his suspension 6 months ago. Such is the political arena that the country finds itself housing.

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