2 Lose Life In Police Firing In Assam Following RSS Remarks

2 Lose Life In Police Firing In Assam Following RSS Remarks

A dreadful incident took place in the hilly district of Dima Hasao situated in Assam left people in tension, in which two people lost lives. A demonstration was held for the protest against the inclusion of Dima district to the Greater Nagaland which turned violent and the police had to open fire, which killed two.

The hilly region had been witnessing protect over a media report which showed an RSS leader stating that a peace deal had been struck by the Central Government and the Nagaland for inclusion of Dimasa, which is the prominent tribe of the region into Greater Nagaland.

During the protest which lasted for 12 hours, the protesters turned violent as the demonstrators reached the Mailbong railway station and fought with the police. The people who were protesting got so violent that they started damaging the public properties like the railway tracks and the station at that point of time the police had to open fire in which 5 protesters got injured. Out of which one died in the evening and another next day in the hospital. The others were seriously injured. Two policemen even got injured during the violent attack.

The tension still remains prevails in the area as the Dimasa Tribe fears being deprived of their own land and giving it to Nagaland. They strongly oppose to having an autonomous body also. Again a 48 hours strike has been called in the same area.

To avoid any more casualties and untoward incidences, the government has passed a prohibitory order under section 144 of the code of criminal procedure. Officer Mukesh Agarwal with his huge reinforcement is camping near the same area where the protest is still carrying on. Due to the damages of railway track in Dima Hasao, the train services are impacted in the state of Assam as well as Tripura.

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